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Delicate appearance is the eternal desire of women.
Emilie in Germany, the United States, South Korea, Japan and other countries import natural pure semi-permanent pigment and eyelashes raw materials, has a world-class advanced production technology and strict inspection system and has hundreds of dust-free workshop, the more modernized production....
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★ Research advantages

Over the years,The establishment of China's

 top scientific research team,

integrated a number of industries. Experts and medical scholars,

with rigorous medical attitude, focus on service innovation.

★ Advantages of Vertical Integration

Raw material advantage and international 

many well-known raw material manufacturers direct trade;

Intermediate links: short delivery time,

with a certain cost price advantage.

★ Packaging material advantage

The company's professional packaging material production company, grasping the latest technology and style development trend of international packaging materials,

We have the copyright of many latest styles of packaging materials, and provide supporting services for all major brands.

★ Market Advantage

Before you move on to the cosmetic products project,

Have accurate market positioning,

brand reasonable operation and profit model,

Save a lot of time and money.

★ Marketing Advantage

Company partner media company,

with successful marketing experience,

For you to promote the market less detour,

Accurately convey the brand concept,

Provide professional information and marketing cooperation.

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Certification of authority

Professional authority qualification certification authoritative quality management system certification.National business tax certification.Cosmetics production hygiene license certification.Complete cosmetics OEM production qualification.

Control the quality

Covering an area of 20,000 square meters of cosmetics OEM strength enterprises.

100 000 level air purification standard, the latest international deionized water treatment system.

Professional quality control experiment, advanced experimental detection technology means.

Link China and South Korea research.
Emily has world-class advanced production technologies dust-free production workshops and environmentally-friendly aseptic packaging, carries out technical exchanges and close cooperation with a number of institution for scientific research from Japan and South Korea.
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Perfect system process, clear processing step, let you rest assured satisfied.
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Achieve beauty with profession, choosing Emily is the beginning of your brand success!

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